We're working with Warhorn and Monkey Mind Tabletop to bring you your favorite TTRPGs to live for ReaperCon weekend!
Head over to to get signed up!

How do I sign up for a game?
Games Signup FAQ 1
Once you’ve signed into Warhorn, you will see these two icons in the top right corner of your screen.
Make sure you’re registered for ReaperConLive and then you can start looking at the schedule.
Games Signup FAQ 2
Inside the schedule, you’ll be able to see the search options with a drop down menu (1) and select the types of TTRPG’s and games you’d like to play in. Next is the actual list of games that you can participate in. The games are listed so you can see all the information about them at a quick glance (2), such as how many players are signed up, or what programs and features might be required to participate in that game.
Games Signup FAQ 3
When you click on a game you’re interested in, you’ll find a lot of great information on it, such as who your GM will be as well as the names of the other players that have signed up. A discussion feature is there for you to engage with those other players and help set up your game. Once you’ve found the games you’re interested in, click “Sign-Up” and this will add it to your personal game calendar on WarHorn.
Games Signup FAQ 4
Games Signup FAQ 5
At the bottom right on the game information page, you’ll see a host of helpful links and tools for the games. This information ranges from what Virtual TableTop (VTT) will be used, to the channels in the Discord - all linked for easy access!
Please check the ReaperCon2020 Discord Guide if needed as well as the ReaperCon Class Guide.
You’re all set and ready to enjoy some games at ReaperCon Live 2020! If you need any help head on over to the Discord and @MonkeyMindTabletop, @HELP DESK, @Admin. Also look for the appropriate channels marked #Help-Desk & #Gaming-Registration