Painting Showcase

ReaperCon Painting Showcase 2020 Overview!



  • You may use any manufacturer's model, not just Reaper models. This is a miniature painting showcase and we would like to highlight all your beautiful works of art!
  • Post your model with a description, the techniques you used to paint it, any special backstory, or any other important details.
  • A team of Reaper Reviewers made up of Reaper staff and industry professionals will be looking at all entries; each Reaper Reviewer will choose 10 "Reaper Choice" entries from each of the platforms listed below! (40 from each Reaper Reviewer)
  • Some of the "Reaper Choice" models will be shown on our Sunday night Twitch channel! We'll be compiling and posting these entries on and on our socials each week throught the year.
  • To show off your model in the ReaperCon Showcase 2020, you'll use a #Rconshowcase2020 that we'll release at the start of ReaperCon Live on Thursday night's Opening Ceremony!
  • We encourage fans to look through all the submissions by using the #Rconshowcase2020 during ReaperCon Live 2020 and Like/Upvote/Favorite!


  • For each platform listed below, each Reaper Reviewer will choose 10 entries from each of the platforms as their "Reaper Choices". (Example: Ron will choose ten Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and Instagram entries for his 40 "Reaper Choice" selections.)
  • Each "Reaper Choice" selection will receive a $20 E-Gift Certificate to
  • Anyone whose model has been selected as a "Reaper Choice" will be contacted via the social media platform that they were picked from.

Platforms for the Showcase!

  • Facebook: Using #Rconshowcase2020 you can enter your model(s).
  • Instagram: Using #Rconshowcase2020 will enter your model(s) into the Showcase, "Like" submissions in this hashtag show them you like them.
  • Discord: Go to the discord and find the channel labeled "Showcase" and add a Thumbs Up 👍🏼 reaction to the photos.
  • Twitter: Use #Rconshowcase2020 to showcase your model(s).


How many models can each participant enter?

You can enter as many as you want, on all platforms.

How many photos of each model can be submitted?

Please try to put all the photos in one post. Twitter allows 4, Instagram and Facebook allow more than that.  If posting to the discord, stick to one to stop spam, or post a collage with all your pictures in one file.

What is the deadline for submitting entries?

Sunday at 12:00 pm will be the cut off date of when we will be looking through submissions that afternoon. Texas time.

Does it have to be a model that was painted this year? Also, can it be one that has previously been entered in a contest (Reaper or otherwise)?

Nope. It doesn't have to be a model that you've painted this year, but we do encourage you to use current creations from this year. You can also post anything that has been posted to a contest. Our painting showcase isn't a contest. It's just a place for people to come and share their work so everyone can see.

Small Print

* The hashtag will be annouced on Thursday night during the opening ceremony!

This contest is conducted at the pleasure of Reaper Miniatures. We reserve the right to update the rules at any time, without notice. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Your milage may vary.