September 3-7 2020
ReaperCon Live Online is a virtual ReaperCon experience! We're bringing you the best miniatures artists in the world and streaming Reaper U classes live! No need to pack your bags or travel - you can watch and participate from the comfort of your home!
The best part about ReaperCon Live Online is that it's FREE! There's no cost to you to take classes, play games, or just chat with fellow miniatures enthusiasts from across the globe. It's all fun, and it's all free! As long as you've got an internet connection, you have your admission to ReaperCon Live Online!
For those of you who may be wondering: we canceled ReaperCon 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic that we're all experiencing. But don't worry - ReaperCon will be back in 2021!

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Frequently Asked Questions
What time zone will the event be in?
We're in Texas, so all the times will be Central Time.
I paid for ReaperCon. Will refunds be automatic or can we choose to move those funds to a "preorder" for the swag and/or VIP bags?
We've refunded all our ReaperCon attendees via Growtix. Stay tuned for a future date when we will have ReaperConLive Online swag bags available to purchase on
Will the hotel cancel my reservation? Or should I do it?
If you made your own reservation, then you're responsible for canceling it. The hotel will not do it automatically. Please get in touch with them soon.
What's a class kit?
Class Kits are the bundled sets of paints and figures that our instructors will be using in their classes. You will need to purchase one ahead of time for your class if you want to follow along at home with the instructor, but they are not required to take the class. No purchase is necessary to watch from home.
Will there be an online painting competition?
Yes, we will have a ReaperCon Live Painting Challenge, but it won't be in the same format as our MSP Open Competition. The rules will be posted soon.
Is it too late to sign up to teach a class? I have a few I can teach.
Please email for all inquiries regarding teaching.
Is it possible for those of us who bought tickets to get first dibs on Swag Bags and VIP Bags when they go on sale?
We'll notify everyone in advance with postings on our socials as well as emails. Attendees shouldn't worry about Swag Bags or other items selling out, as we're planning on having enough supply to meet our demands. Or, to put it another way, buy all you want -- we'll make more.
How do I register for ReaperCon Live Online?
Registration will be announced soon, as well as other details regarding classes and the painting contest.
What do I need for Reapercon Live Online?
We're still hammering out the details, but it's looking like Discord, Zoom, and Class Kits
  • Discord will be our main hub. Think of it as the "main hall" at ReaperCon. Discord will have resources and links for all other avenues and serve as the main place to virtually rub elbows.
  • Zoom will be used to host classes in conjunction with Twitch. We'll have a schedule and more info for classes later on.
  • Class Kits are optional, but handy if you want to follow along at home. We will be posting these for sale at a later date at
I have other questions. How can I contact you?
What are the scheduled days for ReaperCon Live Online?
ReaperCon Live Online will kick off Thursday evening, September 3rd and will go through Monday, September 7th. We'll be posting a full schedule soon!
I'd like to run a game or event on ReaperConLive Online, whom do I contact?
Please email for all questions regarding scheduling events.
When should I be getting my refund for ReaperCon 2020 from Growtix?
All refunds have been processed. Please check the email account that you used to purchase your tickets with. Be sure to check your spam or junk folders also. If you still can't find a refund email, please send an email to
Swag Box Questions
What happened to the Reaper Keeper case that was designed by Monument Hobbies and originally shown for ReaperCon 2020?
We are not offering the Reaper Keeper with these boxes. We couldn't guarantee that it would be here in time to fulfill orders before ReaperCon. Stay tuned for more details!
Would the class kits be offered in the ReaperCon store or ReaperMini store? And would shipping be combined with the class kits and con box if ordered together?
Class supplies will only be offered on We are not combining shipping with the pre-ordered ReaperCon boxes.
Are these limited? Is there a pre-order cutoff date?
These boxes are especially made for ReaperCon, so supplies are limited. We will be taking pre-orders on these items until August 1st, 2020. We will produce additional quantities on top of what has been pre-ordered. After that, all remaining SwagBox, Brinewind Box, and HobbyBox inventory will be sold on until they are sold out. Specialty items such as cups, patches, stickers, etc. will be sold separately on while supplies last. Miniatures and Paints will be added to the Reaper catalog as ongoing items. Orders will be shipped out in the order that they were received.
Are there Pictures of the items in each box?
Yes, we are constantly updating the images so check back often for updated photos.
Is the Reaper Cleaning Utility Pod Rinse Cup, in the Hobby Box, different from the paint rinse cup in the Swag and Brinewind boxes?
The Reaper Cleaning Utility Pod (or C.U.P.) is a rinse cup that is the same size as the other paint rinse cups with different branding. Photos will be up soon to show the differences.
Is there any other way to get miniatures and paints separately?
Miniatures and Paints will be added to the Reaper catalog as ongoing items.
What about the patch, will it only be in the HobbyBox?
Specialty items such as cups, patches, stickers, etc. will be sold separately on while supplies last.
Can I use my Reaper Miniatures Gift Certificate to purchase a SwagBox or other boxes?
Yes! But you will need to purchase from once these items go on sale there.
What are the colors in the paint sets please?
Please take a look at the images for each box for paint set details.
I know that you are able to order these through ReaperCon and after, but if you pre-order early enough, will you receive the kit by Con?
We are planning on shipping out all pre-orders early enough so that you will have your order by ReaperCon. However, you will still be able to enjoy ReaperCon without having any of these items.
Will there be the chance to purchase additional items from these? IE, get another set of the paints perhaps? resin models?
Specialty items such as cups, patches, stickers, etc. will be sold separately on while supplies last.
When will the Pre-order transition into the main Reapermini website?
As soon as we begin shipping pre-orders, we will transfer all remaining SwagBox, Brinewind Box, and HobbyBox inventory to Date to be announced.
Will I be charged when I make my order, or when it ships?
This is a pre-order item, so you will be charged as soon as you make your order and it will ship sometime in August.
When does the rest of the world get to pre-order the swag boxes?
As of 6/25/2020, only the USA and Canada can pre-order these items. We are planning on the rest of the world going live and being able to pre-order by next week (6/29/2020).  If anything changes, we will update all of our socials.
When can I use the Gift Certificates in the Brinewind Box and Hobby Box?
As soon as your Box(es) are delivered, you may redeem those gift certificates for anything on, including paints, minis, or additional ReaperCon boxes or items.