Here are all the vendors that helped us create a virtual Exhibitor Hall for ReaperCon Live! Please make sure to visit all of our amazing vendors over in the ReaperCon Live Discord under Brinewind Merchants!

We'd like to give a huge THANK YOU to all of these participating vendors! And to our Premier Vendors, here's a special head nod and fist bump! These wonderful folks have agreed to provide some extra special giveaways that go directly to our ReaperCon Live attendees!

For a full list of giveaways, and to check out Master Schedule, please visit the ReaperCon LIVE Discord.

RPG Dungeons

Located in the heart of North Dallas our gaming center offers four custom built gaming tables with inset 55” digital displays and over 500 digital maps for use, one of which is in our private gaming room. We provide all types of 2D and 3D terrain for GM's and players to use along with over 30 different battle mats. We offer hundreds of hand painted miniatures for GMs and players to use and to purchase. We welcome any RPG, Table Top or Board Game that can be played at our tables. We add new digital maps, terrain, battle maps and hand painted miniatures to our store each month.

We offer hosted House GM game sessions each weekend as well as offer custom adventures for groups of two or more players by request.

Alpha Omega Hobby

Alpha Omega Hobby is the place for gaming fun!

We welcome all.

Be Safe. Play Games. Have Fun.

Atlantis Games & Comics

At Atlantis we have all your tabletop gaming needs! We sell board games, TCGs, RPGs, Miniature Games. We also have hobby supplies and lots of nerdy collectibles!

Built To Scale Online

We sell model kits and minis, from sci fi to fantasy!

Carolina Game Tables

Game Tables for Real Life! One table serves as both a sturdy and beautiful Indonesian mahogany dining table (or kitchen or coffee table!) and as a gorgeous game table! We also make matching chairs and benches.

Crit Hit Ceramics LLC

Our premium ceramic dice are hand-crafted from a special mid-fire clay that is both durable and beautiful. These custom high-strength ceramic dice feature an amazing weight and feel in your hand and produce a unique sound when rolled. We have an uncommon product that your gamers who are looking to give a gift or upgrade their gaming gear will love to get in their hands!


DNDElise is a published game designer of Ennie nominated best selling content on the DM's Guild. She has been a contributing writer to Blackstaff's Tome of Wizardry, Uncaged, and Halaster's Hoard. She is also the project lead for Through the Veil: Tales of the Feywild which was recently released in print and PDF on the DM's Guild. Follow DND on Twitter and Facebook @DNDElise or email for any inquiries

Fantasy Games & Comics

Fantasy Adventures featuring RPG's, Comics, In-store Gaming, Creative Creating, How To Classes.

Foam Brain Games

Purveyor of dice and gaming accessories

Game Toppers LLC

We make high quality Game Toppers that transform you own kitchen or dinning table into a high end gaming table. We also make Premium 3 mm stitched edge thematic game mats and gaming accessories.

Gemhammer and Sons

Gemhammer and Sons is a Boston-based Tabletop RPG Accessory forge and traveling Shop of Wondrous Items. Focused on providing More, Better Game Stuff, Gemhammer is the only place to go for Decks of Many Things, critical hits and failures, and Adventure Guides that direct you to the adversaries and riches that only walking-around-with-a-Half-Orc-Barbarian can buy.

Inkwell Ideas

Inkwell Ideas makes the popular Worldographer map software (the successor to Hexographer, Dungeonographer, & Cityographer), DungeonMorph Dice & Cards, Sidequest Decks, NPC Decks, and Monster cards.

Limitless Adventures

Limitless Adventures creates DM-friendly products that minimize your prep so you can spend more time at the table playing and less time writing.


LudoCherry is a new kind of geeky clothing, designed to be subtle and stylish so you can wear it anywhere. Wear your love for tabletop games on your sleeve with our five original designs, all inspired by board games and RPGs.

Noble Knight Games

Noble Knight Games - The largest selection of table top games in the world is at your fingertips! The hottest new releases and hard to find vintage games, board games, card games, miniatures, dice, paints, supplies and more are shipping world wide, every day. Visit our website to Complete Your Quest!


Octopunx creates unique LARP goods and gifts. Mix and Match goggles, jewelry, and scented products for geeks, by geeks. Custom orders welcome.

Paizo Publishing

Paizo Inc. is publisher of the award-winning Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Pathfinder Tales novels, Starfinder science-fantasy roleplaying game, as well as numerous board games and accessories.

Petersen Games

From Cthulhu Wars and Planet Apocalypse to our amazing 5e supplements and miniatures, you will find amazing products and miniatures at Petersen Games. Specializing in board games, miniatures and RPG supplements including horrific monsters and simple to learn but deep strategy games.


Fast delivery and friendly service on thousands of your favorite gaming products when you shop online with Shop for gaming miniatures, paints, tools, dice, games, cards, and so much more. Free shipping starting at $35, with Free 2-4 Day Shipping on orders of $49+.

Sinclair Games

A game store specializing in miniatures, miniature games and hobby supplies

Stokes Design Studios

Stokes Design Studios is a Denton Texas based design studio creating role playing notebooks, prints, stickers and pins.


Syrinscape - the soundtrack to your gaming world. Syrinscape is the app that adds evocative, ambient sound and a movie-like soundtrack to your gaming experience. The easy to use interface lets you conjure every aural landscape imaginable! From lush forests to vermin-filled dungeons, let Syrinscape bring your RPGs to life. When the battle begins, our fully-editable library provides all the yells, explosions, spells, and sword clangs you’ll need to keep the players on their toes. Once you start gaming with Syrinscape, you’ll never roll dice without it

The Goblin's Cavern Inc

Your one stop for Comics, Cards, Games and Supplies.

We have a massive always changing inventory of Magic: the Gathering cards, comic books, games and collectibles.

Turbo Dork

We make metallic and Turboshift paints for the hobby market!

Abbots Hollow Studios

Come Dream in the Hollow! The products created in Abbots Hollow Studios are made with outstanding quality and attention to detail. Each piece is hand crafted and born out of a deep love of the historical, and a curiosity and delight for all things fantastical.

Armchair Adventure Games

Friendly local tabletop game shop located in Valley City, OH.

Crafty Games

Makers of the Mistborn Adventure Game, Mistborn: House War, Little Wizards, and other fine gaming products

Dust USA

Dust USA is the official and exclusive distributor of Paolo Parente's DUST 1947 in North America. DUST 1947 is a Dieselpunk Weird War tabletop game with zombies, monsters, heavy walkers and rocketeers!

Elderwood Academy

Premium wood and leather gaming equipment made just for you.

Game Kastle

A hobby game company with humble beginnings, with an outstanding selection of amazing products, hard-to-find items, an impressive gaming space, daily scheduled events, and a staff that genuinely wants to help!

Games Plus

Brick & mortar hobby game & miniature retailer

Iron Wind Metals

Manufacturer of BattleTech, Shadowrun, and Ral Partha Classic Fantasy Miniatures

Looney Labs

Looney Labs has been making fun for 24 years! Known best for the card game Fluxx, we also make Loonacy, Pyramid Arcade, Chrononauts, Nanofictionary, and many other casual game favorites.

Norse Foundry

Offering a huge selection of metal, gemstone, wood and more dice, miniature kits and rpg accessories. Norse Foundry seeks to enhance your gaming experience and provide quality accessories in hopes of invoking imaginative and memorable moments around your table.

SlugFest Games

We're a board game company best known for The Red Dragon Inn, a fan-favorite tavern brawling card game about what happens AFTER the successful adventure!


SmiteWorks is the creator of Fantasy Grounds. The most supported virtual tabletop, with more official licenses than any other VTT.

The Relentless Dragon

The Relentless Dragon is a friendly local game store with locations in Nashua and Londonderry, New Hampshire, and can also be found online at

The WitchBorn Corporation

Enter the Dark Fantasy where WitchBorn® spirits invade fresh corpses to walk again. They rise up faster and stronger with a taste for blood. WitchBorn are overrunning Perdition. And you number among the few survivors—maybe all
that’s left of your kind! Get started with sets including Reaper Bones minis!

War Room Hobbies

Table Top Games Retailer in Memphis TN

Your Hobby Place

Your Hobby Place is the premiere hobby and games store in Central Virginia. We are a family owned business opened in 2007.